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John Wilhoit On Real Estate

Mar 27, 2018

In this program we're presenting to you five areas to assist in rental revenue growth. But it goes beyond just rents and goes beyond just ancillary income. We know that most revenue from a rental property comes from rents but that's not the whole story.

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Mar 20, 2018

There are three areas you must understand up front to successfully build your buyers box for making acquisitions of rental properties. Miss just one and your efforts will twist in the wind...

  • Utilize submarkets
  • Understand the value of knowing educational attainment
  • Submarket preselection is imperative

Mar 13, 2018

As much as this episode is entitled The 7 Ways to Measure Financial Outcomes from Rental Property I really could have named it "how to find out about an asset when you don't have any information".

Mar 6, 2018

Sometimes we think buying a home is exclusively a financial decision but very often it's far more than that. In this episode we're going to cover some of the areas that lead people to buy a home talk about the reasoning behind why you should proceed with home ownership.